Promoting healthy gardening and landscaping practices to the consumers in Maine, while introducing the fall planting concept (especially for these difficult times following the Covid-19 pandemic):

The School Garden Collaborative (SGC) is composed of Maine Agriculture in the Classroom Association (MAITCA), Maine Landscape and Nursery Association (MELNA), Maine School Garden Network (MSGN), ReTreeUS and the Independent Retailers Shared Services Coop (IRSSC). By working together, we will collectively improve the garden-based education students receive in 170+ documented and growing number of school gardens, increase food production in school gardens, increase sales of garden products at garden centers and grocers, create new revenue opportunities for farms and raise awareness of best garden practices throughout Maine.

Nine schools in Maine launched the Back to School Garden Program this Fall.

Please check out the media release that will be running through 12.12.20 at

Gowell’s SNS in Litchfield and Greene, Maine sold locally Grown Mums in support of launching the Fall Back to School Garden Program to schools throughout Maine in 2021: