The Independent Retailers Shared Services Cooperative originated with a group of New England based independent grocery retailers who believe collaboration with other independents to pursue new business opportunities will lead to improved sales and profitability. Over the last two years the Cooperative established a track record of strengthening smaller independent grocers, building partnerships with a range of organizations focused on economic development in business challenged communities.

Today the Cooperative helps independent retailers build their businesses into higher performing enterprises by showing them how to:

  • Manage operations more profitably.
  • Revitalize and expand existing stores as well as build new outlets.
  • Create better relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Maximize existing marketing opportunities and develop new markets.
  • Plan for retirement and succession.

Most of the Cooperative’s member stores are independent retail establishments, owned and managed locally by respected entrepreneurs. Many of these grocers offer a selection of healthy, fresh food and good nutrition options, playing an increasingly important role in disease prevention and wellness in a variety of New England communities.


The Cooperative’s mission is to help independent retailers differentiate meaningfully from conventional supermarkets and gain access to the marketing resources, category management and supply chain expertise needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace.