We help independent businesses become vibrant and resilient partners.

The Independent Retailers Shared Services Cooperative originated with a group of New England based independent businesses who believed collaboration with other independents to pursue new business opportunities would lead to improved sales and profitability.

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  • Local Micro Protein Processing

    The IRSSC has been providing technical assistance to a group of Farmers in Maine for over 18 months at no charge and the IRSSC recently was able to secure a large grant from a private donor in Maine; the entire grant will be used to

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  • Healthy Gardening and Landscaping Practices

    Promoting healthy gardening and landscaping practices to the consumers in Maine, while introducing the fall planting concept (especially for these difficult times following the Covid-19 pandemic). The Maine Landscape and Nursery Association (MELNA) will expand the market of horticulture specialty crops in Maine by increasing

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  • Employees at Central Maine Markets Lauded by Bosses During Outbreak

    In the midst of a global pandemic, the unsung heroes are grocery stores, suppliers, and foodbank workers too… They are on the front lines during the COVID-19 outbreak, making sure people have access to food and other products, sanitizing stores and warehouses around the clock.

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  • Oakland launches meal program, local grocer work to feed elderly, homebound during pandemic

    Kudos to Oakland Parks and Recreation Director, Eric Seekins, and to Steve Phair, owner of Buddies Meats & Groceries and a founding IRSSC board member.  Check out what they’re doing to help their community!   Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels  

  • IRSSC 2018-2019 Impact Summary:

    We are accurately measuring our joint success and collaborations by the number of jobs created, number of employees affected by our work, and increased incomes/decreased expenses/strategic long-term investments as desirable partner outcomes from our projects. In 2018-2019 several member stores increased their sales by well

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  • Orchards as Outdoor Classrooms

    Garden and Orchard Planted at Indian Township School The planting season was full of highlights; to get a glimpse of some of the magic, take a look at the video from the Indian Township planting below. Planting fruit trees with students, creating an enduring legacy

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  • Gowell’s SNS in Greene

    Congratulations to Rick and Bobbie Gowell on acquiring the Greene IGA in Greene Maine, now known as Gowell’s SNS. Your passion and dedication to your community, staff, the independent grocer industry, and business partners are the elements that resulted in a great business conversion. In

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  • Digital Products and Services: Bad-Adz

    IRSSC is excited to be working with Bad-Adz, a trustworthy and reliable resource for your customers. Bad-Adz Digital emails drive customers to your website, where they can view your weekly sales and more. The goal is to increase basket size and create a more diverse

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  • Plant Something! Plant Maine

    Shaping the Long-Term Market Demand for Maine’s Nursery and Landscape Industry Marketing to Maine Consumers The Independent Garden Centers of Maine (IGCME), a marketing group within the Maine Landscape & Nursery Association (MELNA), started with a handful of independent garden centers cooperating with one another

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  • Gowell’s Shop’n Save

    Congratulations to Rick and Bobbie Gowell on your one-year anniversary. Your passion and dedication to your community, staff, the independent grocer industry, and business partners are the elements that resulted in undeniable success. Gowell’s Shop’n Save is a key driver for long-term economic development of

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