We help independent businesses become vibrant and resilient partners.

The Independent Retailers Shared Services Cooperative originated with a group of New England based independent businesses who believed collaboration with other independents to pursue new business opportunities would lead to improved sales and profitability.

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  • IRSSC 2020-2021 Impact Summary

    Independent Retailers Shared Services Cooperative continued to work with various food businesses (often 7 days a week) to navigate many challenges relevant to COVID 19. We measured our joint successes and collaborations by the number of jobs supported and employees impacted by our work, and

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  • USDA Farm to School Turnkey Grant Award

    United Charitable has been awarded a 2021 USDA Farm to School Turnkey Grant through its fiscally sponsored program, ReTreeUS. This grant will enable ReTreeUS to support 10 schools throughout the state of Maine with ReTreeUS’ Back to School Garden program. This program solves major issues

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  • The Common Market

    The IRSSC is extremely grateful to have been working with Gary Sukeforth, principal owner of The Common Market, located at 40 Burkett Road, Union, Maine, for well over 9 years. Gary’s been a long-term founding member of the IRSSC, serving as an adviser, and is

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  • Local Micro Protein Processing

    The IRSSC has been providing technical assistance to a group of farmers in Maine for over 32 months at no charge; the IRSSC has invested well over 475 hours into researching and mentoring our clients. Additionally we were successful in securing a large grant from

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  • Independent Garden Centers of Maine

    The IGC of Maine have a new video on TV and YouTube. You can watch it here, too. The organization is pleased to announce that they have a new web site as well: https://igcofmaine.com . IRSSC congratulates them on their efforts to increase awareness of

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  • New IRSSC Project

    We foresee working with Bad Adz, Shophero, and locally owned businesses impacted by the pandemic in a coordinated public relations campaign to help increase the gross sales for those businesses impacted. Our project will help make jobs more secure and enhance food security and education

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  • Healthy Gardening and Landscaping Practices

    Promoting healthy gardening and landscaping practices to the consumers in Maine, while introducing the fall planting concept (especially for these difficult times following the Covid-19 pandemic). The Maine Landscape and Nursery Association (MELNA) will expand the market of horticulture specialty crops in Maine by increasing

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  • Employees at Central Maine Markets Lauded by Bosses During Outbreak

    In the midst of a global pandemic, the unsung heroes are grocery stores, suppliers, and foodbank workers too… They are on the front lines during the COVID-19 outbreak, making sure people have access to food and other products, sanitizing stores and warehouses around the clock.

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  • Oakland launches meal program, local grocer work to feed elderly, homebound during pandemic

    Kudos to Oakland Parks and Recreation Director, Eric Seekins, and to Steve Phair, owner of Buddies Meats & Groceries and a founding IRSSC board member.  Check out what they’re doing to help their community!   Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels  

  • Orchards as Outdoor Classrooms

    Garden and Orchard Planted at Indian Township School The planting season was full of highlights; to get a glimpse of some of the magic, take a look at the video from the Indian Township planting below. Planting fruit trees with students, creating an enduring legacy

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