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Back to School Garden
We piloted our Back to School Garden approach and distributed thousands of cold-hardy vegetable seedlings of kale, spinach and lettuce to school gardens all over the State of Maine to plant upon returning to school in September.
Online Learning Resources
ReTreeUS has also been creating new online resources to help with distant learning.
American Chestnut Tree Seedlings
We are collaborating with Professor Thomas Klak at the University of New England to add American Chestnut Tree education to our program and to distribute seedlings grown at UNE to ReTreeUS schools.
School Garden Collaborative
We continue to work with the School Garden Collaborative to promote school gardens and orchards in Maine.


Plant Something Maine!

When Mainers get planting, they improve their lives in wonderful and surprising ways. At Plant Something Maine, we’re on a mission to help people, kids, and families all around the state to take the first step: plant a tree, a shrub, vegetables, or flowers. Do it in a container, a window box, a raised bed, a community garden or in your backyard – anytime you set down roots it has an impact on your health, your well-being your community, your environment, even your wallet!

Plant Something Maine!

Independent Garden Centers of Maine

This group represents the independent garden centers in Maine. They work together to make sure you, the customer, get the best quality plant material, the best advice, and the best service, so you have the most successful landscape or garden possible!


Blackbird Studio

Susan Brown, website and graphic designer.


Founded in 1977 in Wiscasset, Maine, CEI creates economically and environmentally healthy communities in which all people, especially those with low incomes, can reach their full potential. Dedicated to the development of environmentally sustainable resource development and job creation in the rural regions of Maine, CEI offers financing and technical support for small businesses.


Daniel Wallace

Daniel Wallace is the Senior Vice-President of Finance.