The IRSSC congratulates Rick Gowell’s family and staff on the grand opening of their beautiful new store in Greene, Maine.

Their staff has been working extremely hard, especially during these challenging times. The pandemic and other global issues are impacting the entire food supply chain, as well as the manufacturing industry as it relates to equipment and other needs to operate a grocery store seven days a week.

Over the years the Gowells have demonstrated their commitment by ensuring that the municipalities they serve have high quality, fresh foods. They are strong supporters of local food producers and foodbanks. They took the lead by launching a statewide, independent grocery store fundraising campaign in support of the ReTreeUS Back to School Garden Program, while also committing to buy local horticultural products from Maine-based companies.

Rick is a founding member of the IRSSC and Chairman of the Board; his vision and willingness to help other local grocers by allowing the IRSSC to work with them on testing merchandising, marketing programs, and management development concepts is very much appreciated!

Gowell’s SNS will be launching a Buy Local Maine Loyalty Program in the near future.