Congratulations to Rick and Bobbie Gowell on acquiring the Greene IGA in Greene Maine, now known as Gowell’s SNS. Your passion and dedication to your community, staff, the independent grocer industry, and business partners are the elements that resulted in a great business conversion. In just 10 days the store moved over 30,000 items, lowered everyday prices on over 30,000 items, and added a fresh new décor package!

In 2019 the Gowell’s SNS contributed back to the grocery industry by agreeing to test a number of marketing and training programs to enhance the Independent Retailers Shared Services portfolio of technical assistance services with great success. The Independent Retailer Shared Services Cooperative worked with the Gowell’s and 10 other markets on various businesses needs to shore up, strengthen, refine, and restructure our programs. The IRSSC developed a comprehensive Marketing Service that helped increase member sales and profits that also helped drive down our consulting cost. The Marketing Program is in one part a marketing and advertising campaign, but it is also a focal point for convening food retailers and distributers with food producers on every level of vertical production from farmers (raw, fresh food) to value added producers and packagers, and the first step in creating custom marketing services. This service is helping local suppliers get more exposure. The ultimate outcome of this marketing program is vital for New England-based Grocers and Producers and will be able to support the unique character and lasting integrity of small grocers and producers by fostering a greater prevalence of vibrant, high-performing local businesses working towards a common goal: strengthening their respective communities.

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