The IRSSC is extremely grateful to have been working with Gary Sukeforth, principal owner of The Common Market, located at 40 Burkett Road, Union, Maine, for well over 9 years. Gary’s been a long-term founding member of the IRSSC, serving as an adviser, and is now retiring.

The IRSSC facilitated the transition of his business to the new owners, The Common Market Management, LLC. The IRSSC will be providing technical assistance for years to come. The new owners are excited to add the The Common Market to the portfolio of IRSSC services for the purpose of testing new ownership concepts that include a strong emphasis on supporting the community, selling locally made Maine Products, and sustaining the overall economy. It will also ensure workers are well trained and rewarded for their hard work.

We wish Gary all the best in his retirement.

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Above Photos from Unsplash:  1. Nick Fewings  2. Heder Neves  3. Nick Fewings